Tobias Hjorth

Hoje tenho o prazer de ter como convidado especial, Tobias Hjorth.

A primeira vez que visitei o seu site, foi através de uma pesquisa a uma lente fora do comum, uma Sigma 200-500 2.8. Desde então, sigo o seu trabalho e vejo os excelentes reviews ao material que testa.

Vamos ao que interessa, a entrevista…

BA – Tell me a little bit about yourself.

TH – My name is Tobias Hjorth and I´m from Denmark, which is located in southern Scandinavia. I’m 28 years old and have been photographing for about 8 years. I’ve always felt a close bond to nature and had 8 different types of animals when I was a kid. From snakes, frogs and lizards to the beloved Labrador Retriever, which I pretty much grew up with. I spent a lot of my younger years outside playing, biking to the nearby lake, enjoying what I felt nature had to offer. My parents told me about trees and plants and the various birds we had in our garden. I gained respect for everything living. I was also blessed to have Hares, Foxes and Hedge Hawkes in the garden at summertime and could often approach these closer than you might expect for a wild animal. My father would often get me when the local Hedge Hawke pair arrived for their evening meal. Hares and Foxes are often hunted here, something I never came to understand nor still do. Killing for fun is not me and I believe this “hobby” should have died with our ancestors that hunted to get their next meal. Denmark is probably the last place where the human race would run out of livestock. I’m the kind of guy that saves the spider from drowning in the toilet bowl cause I figure it has a purpose elsewhere – That’s what so awe-inspiring yet so very frightening about nature. If it doesn’t have a purpose it’s not here.

I have a strong passion for photography and enjoy the great outdoors even more than before. Hopefully my love for photography and nature is something that I’ll inspire others to go outside and appreciate nature as much as I do. In the end of the day, all religion and beliefs set aside only mother nature rule the world and so it should be.

BA – When did you discover the love for photography?

TH – I felt I wanted to convey the things I saw and decided that photography would probably be the best way doing so. So I bought a super zoom Konica Minolta camera and figured I could shoot as well as the next guy. I quickly discovered that my skills needed a lot of improvement so I kept on shooting and playing with compositions. As far as I can remember back I’ve always seen lines and patterns as beautiful things.

BA – How would you describe your style?

TH – I like the simply yet strong portrait nature shoot. No so much an European and even more so Danish way of photographing, where the images tell more of a story with the subject not always as visible as I like, but I guess that’s why everyone is different, right? I think I always stride to have my subjects look their very best. Unfortunately it’s not always easy with wild subjects.

BA – What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

TH – Wading birds are easily my favorite. Especially the small waders like Dunlins are hard not to be impressed at. These very small and light birds travels the globe literally doing flights on a yearly basis using so much energy, making Usain Bolt looking like an unfit slow giant.  Yet you can find these on your local beach resting, allowing you to get very close. Once you have established a bond of trust with them, they’ll literally run right past you often within reaching distance – In these situations you feel like you´re part of something bigger.

BA – What type of gear do you shoot with?

TH – I mostly shoot with a Canon DSLR either 7D or 1D preferably the last one. I think 90% of the pictures I shoot are with the Sigma 300-800mm F5.6 super zoom lens. I always bring my tripod when I’m shooting no mater if it’s landscapes or wildlife photography.

BA – Favorite gadget?

TH – Besides the camera? hmm I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab which I’m quite fond of using. The screen is decent and with enough resolution to browse most websites. Saves energy as well compared to a regular PC or MAC. Other than that I don’t know.

BA – If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?

TH – Hmm I would probably go for the Sigma 300-800mm F5.6, which I already have. Not the sharpest of all lenses nor the quickest and definitely not the handiest but that reach is so unique and the lens is sharp throughout the range.

BA – Do you enjoy reviewing products?

TH – Yes I love reviewing products. I’m not a guy looking for faults and missing options on the products I review because that is just too easy. I try to find the one thing or things positive and focus mostly about that and compare it to gear I’ve already own or reviewed. That is probably why you’ll never see my review Canon Ixus Model 1000000 versus Sony ZX 2000000 – They just don’t bring me enough excitement to review. But who knows, perhaps they’ll some day replace the DSLR.

BA – What are the necessary steps for a good review?

TH – User experience. I usually don’t care too much for reviews written by somebody who’s not a photographer or who sees the product as something measurable. That is probably why argument like DxOMark or similar “benchmark” would never be one of mine.

BA – What equipment is on your whish list?

TH – A 1D Mark IV or a 400mm F5.6 L is on my whish list at the moment.

BA – What’s the best part of being a photographer today?

TH – Imaging and photographing is, beside all the gear you need to purchase, free to explore, share and enjoy. How can you go wrong with that…

BA – Do you think social networking services like Twitter, Facebook and G+ helped improve your work?

TH – Regarding blogging and writing reviews, Yes probably. ?Regarding photographing it’s hard to tell but most likely no.

BA – Do you like black and white photography?

TH – I don’t mind black and white photography as it often creates a very strong image but I tend to like a color version of the black and white photo I see, if I get a chance to see it in color.

BA – Who or what inspires you to be creative?

TH – Wow that list is too long to mention. I get inspired by people and photographers who are energetic and passionate about their photography or art. I think I find inspiration everywhere I look for it. Perhaps that’s what drives my inspiration in the long end. Some of your wonderful images have inspired me too!

BA – :)

BA – Blog or website you visit often?

TH – I often lurk at NatureScapes or a German site called Naturfotografen Forum. I can’t decide which site has the greatest gathering of talent photographers but at the moment I think the German site has the edge. – Both are amazing sites of inspiration.

BA – Mac or PC lover?

TH – Neither. I have no affection for PC nor do I fall for the Apple hype. I use a PC though as I feel I get my moneys worth in performance.

BA – What do you think about Photoshop or other editing software?

TH – Great if you know how to use them. I’m not big into editing the shots I take, but I’m more than happy to admit that I adjust for color vibrancy, contrast and exposure, as the camera is always off compared to the mood I want to create.

BA – Where would be your dream photographic destination?

TH – South Georgia Islands, Alaska or the Kamchatka region of Russia.

BA – Will Tobias be visiting the Azores in the near future? :D

TH – I would love to. Perhaps you could setup a guided tour of your amazing islands and vast landscapes. I bet there are a million spots to visit.

BA – I’m already preparing for your arrival… :)

BA – What advice do you have for Azorean photographers just starting out?

TH – Go out and shoot and shoot a lot. Learn to expose your camera manually and try to bring your A-game every time you’re on an outing. Share the shoots with others either on-line or through communities or likewise.

And once a while just lay the camera down and enjoy the subject you’re about to photograph.

BA – Do you have anything you would like to add before we finish this interview?

TH – I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this interview. If I can bring even the slightest inspiration to one reader it makes my day – Heck it’s how I like to learn too!

BA – Thank you very much.

Podem saber mais sobre o Tobias através do seu site e twitter.

Espero que tenham gostado.



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  1. Loved it. Pareceu uma pessoa muito simples com um passado muito interessante em relação à natureza.

    Continua com esta iniciativa Bruno. Muito interessante :D

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